1.     Due to the limited parking space, Apartel USA at all locations can only allow one vehicle per 
apartment, one bedroom or studio, for free.

2.     However, vehicle owner must purchase a parking permit hanger to validate the parking at $5.00. The second vehicle is charged at the rate of $10/week, or $40 per month. A special parking permit sticker will be issued free of charge to the second vehicle.
    Either parking permit hanger or sticker must be displayed on dashboard or around the visor neck
facing front so it can be easily recognized.
    Vehicles carrying no parking permit will be towed at vehicle owner's cost.

3.  Never park vehicles in front of the trash bins and too close to them which form a hindrance to the
dumpster truck driver to operate normally. Vehicles blocking the dumpster truck will be towed without warning at vehicle owner's expense.

4. Vehicles in non-operable condition, leaking oil massively, with expired or no tags, will be towed at
vehicle owner's cost.

5. All vehicles must parked head-in, i.e., vehicle front facing the building or the fence, otherwise, a warning will be posted demanding correction immediately.  Upon serving second warning due to the same reason, management will impose a penalty for $25 which is payable immediately. Refusal to pay will cause lease termination. 

6. Apartel USA , its owners, agents, managements and employees are not responsible for any damage,
loss and incidents to any of the vehicles from tenants and/or their visitors while their vehicles parking
on the parking lots.