From time to time, the management for Columbus Apartel learned from the applicants or tenants that they saw some discouraging online reviews about this rental facility which made them really suspicious and worried. How does the Management see these adverse cyber reviews from the anonimous sources?

1.  We respect your Freedom of Speech, but will fight against your defamation                                                                                         After studying all these comments and reviews, we have found out that there are two kinds                                                           A. Retaliative overstatement and exaggeration                                                                                                                                                  Eviction, grave warnings and community disciplinary regulations made someone mad naturally.  Posting fabricated and untrue qritings on this facility defintely soothed the wrathful soul quite a bit  which the management understand.  We definitely analyze every online posting and find all the constructive hints and clues to improve our service. Life is not easy. If these postings made the unhappy you a bit happier, we are happy for you and wish you  Good luck!                                            B.