Apartel USA and all of its affiliations requires the Third-party Credit Card Authorization in written form if somebody kindly pays for the one who is going to move into or already stay at one of our locations. To protect the cardholders, Apartel USA does not charge any credit card without the written authorization from the legal holder.  Verbal authorization is not accepted.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cardholders who are not email-friendly must write the authorization and sign on it. Take a picture of the cardholder holding the card and send the picture to (614)419 3888.

Online Third-party Credit/Debit Card Payment Authorization Form

You are not that computer savvy?    You don't like that email stuff?  No problem.  Follow the three steps below to do the third-party authorization

Step-1:   Write your authorization in the text as provided  and sign your name on it.

I, (your full name),  hereby authorize Columbus Apartel to charge my credit card ending xxxx for the amount of US$1234.00 plus bank surcharge for ( beneficiary's full name) renting apartment from Columbus Apartel

Step-2:  Take your picture holding the card you are using

Step-3: Attach your A. Authorization letter B. Your picture holding the card and text them to us at 614-419-3888           You're DONE!